Get to know who we are and what we do. We’re sharing what we’ve learned about side hustling and what we’re getting involved in now. The goal is to get a better blend of work and play time by doing more work for ourselves on our own timetable and ultimately ditch the 9 to 5 jobs working for someone else.

who is CJ Anderson?

CJ is a qualified Librarian and a Chartered Member of CILIP, The Library and Information Association. She has a 20+ year career in library management, information management and data governance. Since she gets bored easily, she has tried (and failed) at a number of side hustles over the last 15 years.

who is Matt Owen?

Matt is an Identity Management Architect and Chartered Member of the British Computer Society (BCS). He has over 25 years industry experience and focuses on designing and delivering complex solutions in the Identity Management and Access Provisioning technology space. He is also the technology brain behind the side hustles.

that was who we are, this must be what we do

We have ideas for side hustles. Small ideas, big ideas, crazy ideas, helpful ideas – we’re drowning in ideas. But none of these ideas is going to be enough on it’s own. This crazy side hustle to freedom journey is about trying out the best ideas so we can figure out what we can earn from each one. The goal being to build a portfolio of side hustles that get us to freedom.

Our story is going to be like Goldilocks and the porridge. It’s going to take us time until we find what’s just right. Firstly, many side hustles will fail and that’s ok. Secondly, some will succeed but take too much time or skills we don’t have so we’ll stop them or sell them and that’s ok too. Finally, a few will do well enough to be just right for our side hustle to freedom journey and they’ll stick around.