found some blogs, ordered some books
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Found some blogs, ordered some books

Several hours of my life I’m not getting back. There is TOO MUCH DATA and not enough INFORMATION. Sifting through what I think is the best of it (but who knows, it’s a guess at this point) I’ve bookmarked some websites and ordered some books.


Landlord Blog / Life

It is self described as “This is the best mediocre place for fellow Landlords (prospective, new, and seasoned) to learn from my few successes and many failures. All welcome!”. I found that it has 60k subscribers so it must be doing something right.

Zoopla’s ‘The beginner’s guide to buy-to-let

The beginners guide to buy to let by Zoopla. Bit of a high level overview but a good starting point for grabbing keywords for other searches if nothing else.

Buy-to-let mortgages explained

Buy to let mortgages explained by The Money Advice Service. A helpful guide to the difference between buy to let mortgages and “normal” residential mortgages.

Top 5 ways to profitably buy to let in 2019

Enthusiastic but a sales pitch for a deeper dive training course.

The Property Podcast

There’s also a magazine, training and a blog all from from Property Hub …this could be the most helpful one to get us started?


Yes, I’ve ordered these from Amazon and yes I know that other booksellers are out there. But there weren’t other booksellers that could give me next day delivery. I also that I had a gift card for Amazon meaning these were “free”. Plus the preview pages and reviews were helpful in narrowing it down to 5 titles. From the 7500+ that are available.

The complete guide to property investment: how to survive & thrive in the new world of buy to let. Rob Dix, 2016 (yes, this is the guy from the property podcast)

Successful Property Letting, revised and updated: how to make money in buy to let. David Lawrenson, 2017

Using a property company to save tax 2017/18. Carl Bayley, 2017

Buy to let loose: how to buy property and leave the corporate world behind. Anshu Kotak, 2019

Bricking it: From stay at home mum to millions in property. Nicole Bremner, 2017

Found some blogs, ordered some books
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