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What kinds of blog posts do we need?

We had our first discussion last night. It felt rather like a work meeting. We both forgot that we had any other relationship than a business colleague relationship. This isn’t our first attempt at working together but it’s the first attempt at actively collaborating. Instead of just dividing up the tasks and getting on with our separate activities. This post is all about the kinds of blog posts we thought we needed.

We agreed that everything needs to be blogged. This means that we have a record of what has been discussed and agreed. We are also going to use it as a shared notebook. Gathering up the snippets of research that we find. It also needs to set out the pros and the cons of an argument to help us make decisions.

There also needs to be some content that helps anyone who reads the blog and isn’t us. Readers will only get value if they also get some context about who we are and why we’re doing this. It needs to be clear to them what our side hustle to freedom journey is all about.

Everything we’ve heard about or been told by friends, and the internet says that we need to plan this blog . Otherwise it just won’t happen. So we think that we need six different kinds of blog posts.

Kinds of blog posts

1 Current issue

At the beginning of each month we want to set ourselves up for success. We are going to write down what “current issue” we’re going to tackle. We are also going to make a list of the questions we need to answer.

2 Research

To answer a question effectively we need to do some research. Everything we find that is relevant we’ll record in the blog so that we can both read the same information.

3 Interesting things

As we research things, we might find other interesting things. They might not be directly related to the “current issue” but they are otherwise helpful. We’ll keep a note of them too.

4 Key article

There is a lot of history behind our decision to actively side hustle to freedom. This stuff gives context to what we are doing and the decisions we are making. Each month we’ll share something that is a deeper dive into something.

5 Lessons learned

Coming out of all that research and the interesting things will be some lessons learned. No point doing if you’re not learning. These might relate to a key article too. We both have a background in project management and love a good after action review.

6 Progress made

At the end of each month, we’ll summarise what we’ve done and what’s left to do. This sets us up for setting the “current issue” to tackle next month.

What kinds of blog posts do we need?
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